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Redefining You

Who are we? This is a question everyone faces at some point in their life. What makes me unique? What are my greatest qualities? What do I want to be known as? Finding one’s sense of self is a daunting task, and for caregivers it is even more challenging.

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LGBT caregivers and caregivers to LGBT older adults

Aging: it is an inevitable part of living, but it isn’t always easy. For many in the U.S., aging is accompanied by disability, onset of new diseases, and a changing social networks and social roles. Gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) older adults face these same struggles, along with many other challenges.

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Hidden Heroes

When we typically think of a hero, they wear a distinctive suit, a long cape, and often have some type of unique power. Of course, these heroes are only in movies. Our real-life heroes are those who fight for our freedom and protect our families; our real heroes are the soldiers and veterans. And, unlike the heroes of Hollywood, often these heroes return home with both physical and psychological wounds, and require the support of a caregiver.

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The More You Know

Just as a doctor needs to be trained to treat patients, a family caregiver needs to be trained to effectively care for their loved one. Almost half of caregivers in the United States have had to complete medical tasks for the care recipient, including managing medications, preparing special meals, giving injections, and operating medical equipment

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