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Final Report from the California Task Force on Family Caregiving

The policy recommendations from the California Task Force on Family Caregiving are intended to address some of these challenges and help caregivers continue in their roles without harm to themselves. Supporting caregivers to remain in this role, if desired, can help older adults and people with disabilities live safely in their communities and avoid expensive institutionalization. If Californians are willing to take on a caregiving role, they should be supported while doing so.

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Redefining You

Who are we? This is a question everyone faces at some point in their life. What makes me unique? What are my greatest qualities? What do I want to be known as? Finding one’s sense of self is a daunting task, and for caregivers it is even more challenging.

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LGBT caregivers and caregivers to LGBT older adults

Aging: it is an inevitable part of living, but it isn’t always easy. For many in the U.S., aging is accompanied by disability, onset of new diseases, and a changing social networks and social roles. Gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) older adults face these same struggles, along with many other challenges.

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