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The two priority bills for California Coalition on Family Caregiving are:

AB-2428 Medi-Cal: Community Based-Adult Services (Calderon)
This bill would create a Medi-Cal rate floor for adult day programs. Many Adult Day programs are struggling financially. Between May 2022 and April 2023, five centers closed, resulting in two additional counties (Marin, San Joaquin) that now have no centers. Adult day programs provide critical health and social support for older adults, respite to family caregivers, and are less expensive than home health aids and residential care options.

AB 518- Paid Family Leave for Chosen and Extended Family (Wicks)
This bill would expand Paid Family Leave to cover care for a “designated person,” who can be a chosen or extended family member.

The coalition is also supporting the following bills:

  • AB 2541 Peace Officer Training: Wandering (Bains) Directs the Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) to develop guidelines for law enforcement addressing wandering associated with Alzheimer’s disease, autism, and dementia. POST will bring subject matter experts representing law enforcement agencies, the Department of Justice, Missing and Unidentified Persons Section, organizations with expertise in autism and wandering, organizations with expertise in Alzheimer’s disease and dementia and wandering, emergency management services agencies, regional centers, and public transit agencies in the development of the guidelines.
  • AB 2123 (Papan)-to allow workers access to Paid Family Leave without having to use accrued vacation time first.
  • SB 1090 Early Application for Paid Family Leave and Disability Insurance Benefits (Durazo)-Currently, California workers must wait until they are already on unpaid leave before they can begin the process of applying for Paid Family Leave or State Disability Insurance benefits. SB 1090 (Durazo) would allow California workers to apply for Paid Family Leave and State Disability Insurance benefits up to 30 days before they are on leave. As a result, workers will be able to get confirmation of their eligibility and benefit amount before starting their leave, and receive benefits sooner.
  • AB 2075 Resident-Designated Support Persons Act (Alvarez)- Codifies recommendations of the Long Term Care Visitation Access Workgroup. AB 2075 would provide a resident of a long-term care facility with the right to in-person, onsite access to a designated support person or a health care and social services provider during a public health emergency in which visitation rights of residents are curtailed by a state or local order.
  • AB 1006 Aging and Disability Resource Connection Program two year bill supporting last year
  • SB 37 Older Adults and Adults with Disabilities Housing Stability Act  two year bill supporting last year

The coalition also opposes the following:

  • The Taxpayer Deception Ballot Initiative 
    The Taxpayer Deception Act limits the ability for voters and state and local governments to fund services by making it harder to raise revenue and pass future ballot measures. It’s also retroactive to January 1, 2022, invalidating more than 100 ballot measures and new laws that voters already approved
    This proposition could overturn funding for SB 951 (which increases the Paid Family Leave wage replacement rate starting in 2025) and could threaten funding for Paid Family Leave and State Disability Insurance as well as many other public programs.
    The Governor has challenged the proposition in the California Supreme Court because it would unlawfully revise California’s Constitution and prevent the
    government from functioning.