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Who are we? This is a question everyone faces at some point in their life. What makes me unique? What are my greatest qualities? What do I want to be known as? Finding one’s sense of self is a daunting task, and for caregivers it is even more challenging.

We often choose our title based on our job, or what we are best at.[1] Some go by writer, musician, scientist, lawyer—something that we spend a lot of time doing and enjoy. However, for some caregivers, once they start caregiving, they gradually lose who they were before. They go from, for example, writer to caregiver, detaching themselves from something which they used to love and which used to play a huge role in their life. This can lead to stress and isolation.

If this describes your situation, consider making time for the activities which you like to do, including painting, being a parent, exercising, and more. Set goals to explore your passions, reconnect with friends, and every morning, before getting out of bed, reminisce about who you were before you took on the task of caregiving—and remind yourself you still are that person.




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