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That’s how many caregivers there are in California, according to 2020 data from the California Health Interview Survey (CHIS), administered by the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research


The worth of care provided by caregivers in California, according to an AARP Report titled Valuing the Invaluable published in 2019. This is higher than all other states in America.

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December 7, 2022

New Legislation Protecting Family Caregivers from Discrimination by Employers

U.S. Senator Cory Booker (D-N.J.) reintroduced the Protecting Family Caregivers from Discrimination Act. The legislation would expand protections for family caregivers from discrimination by their employers. It would prohibit employers…
December 7, 2022

2022 National Strategy to Support Family Caregivers

A Roadmap to Improved Services and Support for Family Caregivers Family caregivers include people of all ages, from youth to grandparents; people with and without disabilities; people providing care from…
September 1, 2017

Programs Serving Caregivers Survey

The California Task Force on Family Caregiving would like to learn more about programs serving caregivers throughout the state.
July 2, 2018

Final Report from the California Task Force on Family Caregiving

The policy recommendations from the California Task Force on Family Caregiving are intended to address some of these challenges and help caregivers continue in their roles without harm to themselves.…
June 1, 2017

Legislative Recommendations from Other Caregiving Task Forces

A Compilation for the California Task Force on Family Caregiving
January 1, 2017

Interim Report from the California Task Force on Family Caregiving

This Interim Report elaborates on the priority areas identified by Task Force members and describes next steps toward creating recommendations.

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The California Coalition on Family Caregiving receives administrative support from the USC Family Caregiver Support Center (USC FCSC) at the USC Leonard Davis School of Gerontology, Family Caregiver Alliance (FCA), and the Los Angeles Alliance for Community Health & Aging (LAACHA) with funding from the Archstone Foundation and Community Catalyst.